Juggle For Their Lives 2013

What is Juggle For Their Lives?

Juggle For Their Lives is a fundraiser to help support Freedom 4/24, a charity that exists to raise awareness of the rampant sexual exploitation of women around the world. As a non-profit organization, Freedom 4/24’s mission is to provide a pathway to freedom for the sexually exploited through Christ-centered ministries that seek to rescue enslaved women and children. You can read more about Freedom 4/24 by visiting their website at www.freedom424.org.

On Sunday June 2, 2013, the Juggle For Their Lives event will be held at FYAA’s Jump Park (3722 Thomas Jefferson Road, Forest, VA 24551). At this event we will all juggle a soccer ball with our feet for 10 minutes and each record our total number of juggles. Prior to this event you will ask people to sponsor you per juggle (e.g. 1c per juggle) or a one-time flat donation. Once the event is over, you will then inform your pledgers of your total number of juggles and collect the money they pledged to you.


Last year we raised over $1,600 which provided 67 women the opportunity for freedom. Our goal in 2013 is to raise $12,000 which will offer 500 women and children an opportunity for freedom. See our video below for highlights of our 2012 J4TL event!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Click here to register for the event. There is a $24 registration fee per participant. 100% of the J4TL profits go directly to Freedom 4/24.
  2. Get started by downloading a Pledge Sheet. You can also set up an online donation page where people can donate to you online through Crowdrise by clicking here – it is both free and easy to set this page up. Then, mark your calendar for June 2, 2013, at 3:00pm!
  3. Start fundraising by collecting pledges. These can either be taken as flat donations or per juggle pledges. You can record these on your pledge sheet, or donors can give to your online page. Make sure you have a goal in mind of how many total juggles you will do and state it so that your donors know what number they are pledging to. Click here to download a Pledge Form.
  4. Start practicing! Remember, the more you can juggle the more you can raise!
  5. Contact your friends, team mates, school team and soccer club, and encourage them to join in! There are prizes for the top juggling individuals in each age bracket!
  6. Use the Facebook event page to confirm your participation by clicking here, and use Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone what you are doing and to raise support and pledges! If using Facebook, please tag Juggle For Their Lives in your status, and if using Twitter use the #J4TL hashtag in your updates!
  7. Arrive at Jump Park any where between 2:45pm and 3:00pm on April 12. Check-in with the J4TL table.

How Do I Get The Money I Raised To Freedom 4/24?

You can do this in a couple of ways:

  1. ONLINE: Go to www.crowdrise.com/j4tl and set up your own online donations page. People who have pledged money to support you can go here and give the money easily, directly, and securely. They can also give flat one-time donations to this page at any time. This is the recommended, preferred method.
  2. MAIL: Once the event is over you collect all of the money that was pledged to you. You then mail it all to Freedom 4/24 at the following address – Freedom 4/24, 4026 Wards Road, Unit G1, #191, Lynchburg, VA 24502. Please include your pledge sheet (or a copy of) when you mail this in. All checks are made payable to “Freedom 4/24”.
    1. Ideally please mail this in as one check. In the comment line of the check be sure to put your name, age group, and team name if you participating with a team.
    2. If necessary you can mail in multiple checks. Simply make sure they are all mailed in together and have your name, age group, and team name if you are participating with a team.

What Will I Need On June 2, 2013?

  1. A soccer ball
  2. An official counter (a friend or family member who will help to count your total juggles and report back an accurate score upon completion)

What Age Groups Is J4TL Open To?

All ages! When you register, simply state which age group you are in, this will help us when we are determining which bracket to put you in. Remember, there will be prizes for the individuals in each age group who raise the most money!

1. Under 10′s (boys & girls)

2. Middle School Girls

3. Middle School Boys

4. High School Girls

5. High School Boys

6. College, Men’s (18-23)*

7. College, Women’s (18-23)*

8. Under 30′s (Men & Women)

9. Over 30′s (Men & Women)

*please note that due to NCAA rules there will be no prizes given to the winner of the College brackets

Can I Really Help Make A Difference?

Your partnership with Freedom 4/24 brings the hope of freedom to women and children around the world.  As Freedom 4/24 continues their fight against the injustice of this issue, we know that a life of freedom begins with a day. One day. 24 hours that can be the beginning of a life of freedom. A life of opportunity, education, employment, and health care (physical, emotional, spiritual). Let freedom begin with $24. Let it begin with one exploited woman or child offered freedom at a time. Let it begin with you.

Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact Adam Godwin any time at either 770-330-5131 or asgodwin@liberty.edu!

So now you know what we are supporting, how we are doing it, and how you can be involved – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! Let freedom begin with you!


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