Private Sessions

All sessions are reserved first-come-first-served on a week-to-week basis. Latest availability it released each Friday via the weekly update email. Please send an email to to request being added to the weekly email list.

For information regarding an upcoming camp or clinic, please visit the Camps page

Private Sessions

This is the core training environment for the Academy. This 1-hour session has a maximum of two participants, and provides the opportunity to focus completely on those individual athletes to work on specific strengths and weaknesses of their particular game. The sessions are tailored specifically to those athletes and allows for work on the technical, tactical, athletic, and mental aspects of the game and incorporate the entire Academy curriculum. This training environment has shown tremendous levels of success in terms of helping athletes reach that next level, and when attended regularly has the potential to completely transform a soccer player.

Cost – $30 per session

Group Session

This is another of the core training environments. Kept to a maximum of 8 athletes, these 1-hour sessions still allow for high levels of personal attention and repetition. Where group sessions can often provide an extra benefit is that the additional numbers allow for wider-ranging drills that can incorporate both functional and tactical training. These group sessions are run at an extremely high level, and athletes benefit from training with equally driven, ambitious, and focused individuals which is not always the case in their club practice sessions.

Cost – $20 per session

AGSA Juniors

The growth of soccer in the U.S. is extremely exciting, and to help foster that growth amongst the youngest generation I have created the AGSA Juniors! This is a weekly training session for 5-10 year olds, allowing them to receive high level training in an age-appropriate environment! Athletes in this age range are welcome at all other Academy sessions, but this will prove to be an outstanding environment

Cost – $10 per session

Nike SPARQ Training

The Academy offers weekly speed and agility training through the Nike SPARQ program. For more details, please visit the SPARQ page.

Cost – $10 per session

The Private, Group, and SPARQ sessions are open to athletes of all ages and abilities.

“I see so many soccer players in Lynchburg and surrounding area who have a lot of natural ability, but have never truly had any serious coaching attention,” commented Coach Godwin. “My heart is to get around these youngsters and really help them to become the soccer player they have dreamed of being. I know I can make anybody better at this great game if I am given the opportunity to work with them consistently”.

The results speak for themselves, with each of Godwin’s clients progressing on their high school, club,  ODP, collegiate, and national teams.


Boonsboro Ruritan Youth Association (1601 Coffee Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503)

New London Academy (12400 E Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, Forest, VA 24551)

*Always check with Coach Godwin ( or 770-330-5131) to confirm which venue your session will be held at*


Individual Session (1-2 athletes): $30 per 1 hour session

Group Session (3 – 8 athletes): $20 per 1 hour session

AGSA Juniors Session (5-10 year olds): $10 per 1 hour session

Nike SPARQ Sessions: $10 per 1 hour session

Team Sessions/Camps/Clinics: Coach Godwin has worked closely with many local clubs and schools. Rates are determined on a case-by-case basis, so please contact for details.


10 Private* Sessions – $200

5 Private* Sessions – $120

*Due to demand it is not always possible to guarantee a private session each week. Therefore, it is possible to use pre-paid private sessions to attend group and SPARQ sessions. EXAMPLE: If a “10 Private Session” package is purchased, attendance at a private session is charged at 1 of the 10 sessions (leaving 9). If the same package is purchased and the athlete attends a group or SPARQ session then they are charged at 0.5 of the 10 (leaving 9.5).

Coach Godwin is committed to making his services accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. Additional discounts, payment plans, and scholarships are made available as much as possible. For more information, please contact Coach Godwin directly.

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