AGSA Athletes in College

Katie Mitchell (Jefferson Forest HS) – University of Mary Washington (NCAA D3)

Brielle Spencer (Heritage HS) – High Point University (NCAA D1)

Sarah Winship (LCA) – Liberty University (NCAA D1)

Tyler Bullock (Jefferson Forest HS) – Liberty University (NCAA D1)

Jeremy Lee (Jefferson Forest HS) – Liberty University (NCAA D1)

Lauren Nicholas (Jefferson Forest HS) – Liberty University (NCAA D1)

Jordan Allen (Amherst HS) – Mars Hill (NCAA D2)

Jessica O’Bryant (Jefferson Forest HS) – Longwood University (NCAA D1)

Callie White (Jefferson Forest HS) – Liberty University (NCAA D1)

Ashley Sankner (Brookville HS) – NC Wesleyan (NCAA D3)

Liz Kappler (LCA) – Liberty University (NCAA D1)

Natalie Bright (EC Glass) – Emory & Herny (NCAA D3)

Morgan Mays (Amherst HS) – Marshall University (NCAA D1)

Laura Garbarini (Liberty HS) – Roanoke College (NCAA D3)

Katie Cousins (Jefferson Forest HS) – University of Tennessee (NCAA D1)

Madeline McCracken (Altavista HS) – St’ John’s University (NCAA D1)

Robbi Rodemann (Brookville HS) – Emory & Henry (NCAA D3)

Tate Royer – (EC Glass HS) – Lynchburg College (NCAA D3)

Jessi Mitchell (Jefferson Forest HS) – NC State (NCAA D1)


“Our daughter Genna was formerly being trained by a fellow that moved on to play soccer professionally and urged Genna to continue developing her skills with Adam.  That was over two years ago and her soccer development has continued seamlessly and the investment made with Adam has paid dividends. Genna has become an extremely flexible player able to effectively  jump into play as a back, mid-fielder or forward, making her a favorite of her travel and high school coaches. Through effective training Adam has honed Genna’s effectiveness with her left foot which accounts for half of her goals. Perhaps the most valuable thing Adam has been able to give Genna is the confidence to take on opponents at any level. As a high school  freshman she was prepared to face gals much older, experienced  and stronger with finesse and composure. Genna plays soccer year round, but continues to work with Adam throughout.  As her skills improve he impresses additional  complexities to training sessions that challenge her and she continues to make progress in her play. As long as Genna plays soccer she’ll be turning to Adam for guidance and to help her compete at the next level.” – Mr and Mrs. Freeman, parents of ODP, CVU, and EC Glass standout Genna Freeman

Link to Genna Freeman’s 2009 Area Player of the Year Award article

“The one-on-one and small group training that Katherine has received from Adam has improved her overall soccer performance. We can’t thank him enough for all of his help!” – Randy Frank, father of ODP, CVU, and JF standout Katherine Frank

“We met Adam during a very difficult year of soccer for my son. After playing soccer year-round for many years, he was discouraged and not enjoying soccer as he had in the past. Adam was the perfect match for my son. He had high expectations and balanced them with encouragement and constructive criticism. Adam has the ability to see strengths and deficiencies in a player in every aspect of soccer. My son’s level of playing and his confidence level were raised considerably. He looks forward to sessions with Adam and so do we! The session is an hour filled with hard work and is well worth your time and money!” – Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, parents of CVU standout Ryan Harvey

“Our boys have really grown in their technical abilities and confidence as players. He is a great coach! Thanks, Adam!” – Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, parents of CVU standouts Levi and Justin Phillips

“I have really enjoyed Coach Godwin’s sessions, I have learned a lot. Thanks!” – Levi Phillips, Central Virginia United

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